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Haunted Buildings

Haunted Buildings

Cincinnati has a buffet of REAL haunted hot spots around the greater tri-state area. Who knows… one of these buildings could be located right next to you!

Bobby Mackey’s
Also called Hell’s Gate, the country bar has been featured on countless ghost and travel shows. Many stories loom in the smokey bar. The most well known is the murder and ghost of Pearl Bryan. She was decapitated and her head was said to be thrown in the sewer of the bar as a possible satanic ritual. Guests have been assaulted by ghosts in the bathroom and throughout the bar. 44 Licking Pike Wilder, KY

Cincinnati Museum Center
in the 90’s, A security guard that caught computer thieves in the building was shot dead on the 4th floor. Her body was later discovered in Northern Kentucky. She is said to roam the halls of the Union Terminal. The sounds of locking doors and footsteps can be heard when no one is around. A ghost pilot is said to appear in the airplane from Word War II in the museum. Sounds of people crying or welcoming back soldiers can be heard on the tracks.

Cincinnati Music Hall
The actual plot of land where the hall resides used to be a cemetery. The people buried in the pauper’s graves are said to haunt the building. The Music Hall was built on the foundations of the 1844 Orphan Asylum. Strange noises and shadow figures are said to come out at night. During live shows, mysterious people dressed in old-fashioned clothing are sometimes seen.

Cincinnati Zoo
The ghosts of lioness is said to haunt the zoo. Guests report hearing the sound of soft feet following them. When visitors look back, nothing is there. Rumor has is it if you speed up your pace, the footsteps will too. Other reports of green eyes have appeared in certain hallways.

Coney Island
The ghost of a man and woman are said to peak out the windows of Moonlight Gardens. Mysterious fogs are also said to cover the park on clear nights and the sounds of Indians chanting can be heard in the picnic area by the Ohio River.

Dent Schoolhouse
Originally opened in 1894, the schoolhouse was shut down due to the discover of murdered children found in the basement. The Janitor, accused of the murders, is said to haunt the school along with the murdered students. The old English class room is said to have ghostly foot steps that walk around and strange noises and screams are heard in the basement at night.

Devil House
Located at the SCAREDOWN attraction, the old building sits quietly on the farm. However, a shocking history of murder haunts the building. It has been certified as haunted by The South West Ohio Paranormal Investigators.

Kings Island
Known as the “little girl in the blue dress”, a ghost described as a young girl, dressed in a 19th century period blue dress roams the park’s parking lot, front gate, admissions and International Restaurant areas. Several websites claim that a girl drowned in a lake on the KI property and that she was buried in the cemetery at the north end of the parking lot entrance off Columbia Road. Other hauntings include a teenage boy who can be seen near the Eiffel Tower called “Tower Johnny”, or “Racer Boy,” a young boy who haunts the Racers roller coasters and is dressed in white.

Peters Cartridge Company
Also known as the Powder Factory. Nestled right outside Kings Island, the factory was know for its production of shotgun shells. On July 15, 1890 a train car crashed into two loaded cars that were packed with 800 kegs of gun powder causing more than 1500 kegs to explode in and around the property. Eleven workers were killed instantly due to the blast. It is said that the building is haunted by the ghosts of the men that were killed in the explosion.

Taft Theater
The smell of cigars and the ghostly image of a man wearing a top hat are said to appear late at night in the second balcony. Rumors say it is the ghost of a man who died in the 1800s and had a love for the theater.

USS Nightmare
Contracted in 1933 as part of the Missouri River Improvement plan, the William S. Mitchell is home to a dark tail of the boat’s captain and crew dying from the boat crashing into a bridge at night. The captain and crew are said to still walk the remains of the boat.

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