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Haunted Roads

Haunted Roads

A dark night on a windy back road makes for a great horror movie. Cincinnati has its fair share of haunted roads.

Buell Road
Legend has it, if you park your car on the straight section of the road, flash your headlights three times and then leave them off, a boy will appear riding a bicycle. If he reaches your car before you turn your lights on again… you will die shortly after.

Dead Man’s Curve
Located on Harrison Ave., the stretch of road between Miamitown and Harrison claims more than 52 accidents with many being fatal. The road is home to a phantom hitchhiker. As you drive on Dead Man’s Curve you will see a hitchhiker who is described as being severely burned. The closer you get to him the more fear the drive feels. No one has picked him up.

The Haunting of Buffalo Ridge
This road is where Charles Manson himself spent his Cincinnati years! People have been chased across the road at night by white vans, an dog like creature with glowing green eyes lives here, the spirits of witches can be seen on the road, and its claim to fame is the the Crematorium. The legend is that there are still bodies in the woods left from the Crematorium.
***If visiting these areas please be safe and abide by the posted speed limits and “rules of the road” (even when the ghosts do not)

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